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Ünka Kablo

High technology production, High quality cable

Unka Kablo is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible control cables and instrumentation cables in Istanbul/Turkey since 2005. We are exporting 98% of our products all over the world mainly to the UK, European, Balkan and Far Eastern markets.

Our factory plant and machinery have been designed in details to improve quality and services with high tech machines and unique ERP process.

Our main product range is low voltage power, control and instrumentation cables together with their LSF&LSOH versions, screened, braided and armoured cables in accordance to their own international standards and certificates (EN 50525, YSLY-JZ, YSLCY-JZ, YSLYCY-JZ, YSLYAY-JZ, LIYCY, SY, HMH, HMH-C, BS 5308, EN 50288-7, Arctic Cables and special cable applications)

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Ünka Kablo

We lighten the city

As Ünka Kablo, we believe in continuous improvement and customer oriented service approach. And our company is well known with high quality products, quick deliveries and competitive prices.

  • Our Mission
    High quality cables for future
    Our mission is to provide and increase reliability on the products we supply to our customers under “Ünka Kablo” brand.
  • Our Vision
    Special cable production
    Our vision is to create "reliable brand" image by supplying our high quality products to our local and international customers.
  • Ünka Kablo From Past to Present
    Low Voltage Cable Production
    According to Turkey Exporters Assembly's evaluation over 2014 export values, Ünka Kablo is within the top 25 companies on its product range.